HTC One M10: Latest Reports Suggest that the Release Date has been Postponed, HTC Focused on Virtual Reality!

HTC seemed to have taken the “if it works fine, don’t upgrade it” approach with the One M9, which was too similar to the One M8, except for the price tag. Hence, the customers weren’t impressed last year, when HTC came up with a repackaged product, commanding a premium price tag.

It seems like the Taiwanese tech giant has learnt their lesson and are ready to rectify the problems with their new flagship smartphone, codenamed HTC Perfume, which is ready to be unveiled sometime around February – March 2016.

Initial speculations claim that the HTC Perfume is slated to be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress 2016, which is to take place at Barcelona, sometime during February. We will keep you posted on all the new developments regarding the flagship device, hence, return soon for more!

The first and foremost discussion surrounding the HTC One M10 is without doubt the nomenclature of the device. Had it not been for the massive failure encountered by the HTC One M9 in the market, the upcoming flagship smartphone could be called the One M10 without much consideration.

However, it is now believed that HTC has worked on a codename for the smartphone, leaving out the M classification, and the upcoming smartphone is currently known as the HTC Perfume. However, another report claims that HTC is also working on a second codename for the device, which means that no one has the slightest clue as to what the production name of the device will finally be.

Previously it was claimed that HTC would be naming the device the HTC O2. However, a mobile O2 is a cellphone network carrier in the UK and might not be too happy about the naming. Hence, the idea was scrapped.

HTC was originally expected to announce the flagship smartphone at the MWC Barcelona in February 2016, although, latest reports now claim that the Taiwanese tech giants plan on launching their flagship model around the second quarter of 2016. The smartphone, however, will be available off the shelf after a few more months.

HTC has a few other projects at hand at the moment, especially since they plan on trying out their hand at the Virtual Reality with the VIVO VR Systems. Virtual Reality was a dream for the past two to three decades. With technology finally catching up, HTC doesn’t want to lag behind in cashing in on the opportunity.

Rumor has it that the decision to switch focus to VR technology actually came from the top levels of management. Hence, it is hardly surprising that the company is focusing all their energy in working on the same.

The tech-specs of the HTC One M10, or whatever the smartphone will be called, is expected to be interesting, since HTC has to stand up to the expectations laid out by the customers.

According to initial speculations, the HTC One M10 runs on Android 6.1 Marshmallow and features HTC Sense 8.0. In terms of exterior dynamics, the HTC One M10 us sleeker than its predecessor and features an Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 802 processor along with 4GB of RAM and 32 GB of built-in storage.

HTC is offering expandable storage up to 200 GB on this model,which also features a set of 27MP cameras along with Optical Image Stabilization and a Quad-HD 5.0-inch display. Apart from the standard specifications, the HTC One M10 is also expected to sport a USB Type-C port, fingerprint scanner,wireless charging and an iris scanner.