HTC One M10 Expected to Have the Best Sound Quality, Hype About the Camera, Leaked Photos Reveal Chamfered Edges!

There is a lot of hype about the camera that is going to be in HTC One M10. It is believed that the camera that the phone will possess will be a first of its kind that the world has ever seen. HTC teased this information on its Twitter page, but didn’t add any further details. This has caused that fans to start speculating about what could be so special about the camera.

There are some claims that the smartphone might have a technology that will allow the use of both the front and the rear camera, together. This will enable the users to go for a 360-degree video.

This will completely revolutionize the smartphone cameras. However, there is no confirmation yet and fans will have to wait and watch until HTC unveils the phone on the 12th of April.

N4BB reported that HTC One M10 was tested alongside Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Xiaomi Mi 5 and it performed far better than the other two.

HTC has continued to milk the hype surrounding the new phone and has released a photo in black with the words Power of 10 written on top of it.

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