How to Stay Motivated

Do you ever wake up feeling you are just never going to reach your goals and just feel like giving up? When some days your list of goals just seem too much and you can’t feel motivated enough or care about achieving them?

That is something many people feel at certain times in their life, especially when life gets hectic or there is too much going on so you feel tired and your mind is all cluttered.

But don’t forget if you know what your goals are, you just have to be patient and know you need to take action to achieve your goal. Ask yourself when is the time to take that action? No time better than the present, there is no such thing as later, because once you put it off you will keep doing it, but once you do something towards it, you will get a taste of being a step closer and see you are motivated to do more.

Here are some tips to help at during those moments when you feel low on motivation.


Ask why

What are the reasons which drove you to believe that you have to do something that is important? Why is it important? Imagine what would happen if you did accomplish it, after a long time of working hard and going through obstacles imagine you finally got what you want, you feel great! Now imagine just giving up on getting there. Think ahead to future and think how it would feel to know how you wish you worked harder towards your goal. You never know if you never try, so get yourself up from feeling low and be motivated by knowing how regrets feel.


Lists are important

Write down the goals you want to achieve, the ones you know will take a while to achieve. Since they are the ones which take a while and you have to work harder. Put it somewhere you can look at often or see easily when you feel bouts of doubt.

Seeing all your plan laid out there in a paper not only makes it feel possible to achieve them but also reminds your mind of all the reasons you want to get them done.


Remove the demotivating factor

If you are sad and feeling discouraged due to other let downs in life, don’t think about or associate your other goals or events in your life with it. Just because something is negative does not mean the results of others will be the same. So when you find yourself comparing possible outcome of a goal yet to be achieved with something which turned out negative remind yourself to consciously think of them separately.


Mind your environment

If you are in a positive and supportive environment you will instinctually feel positive about your goals and work harder with a positive outlook.


Break down your goals or take a break

At times the enormous amount of our goal makes us feel overwhelmed or just the everyday routine exhausts us. At times like this it’s natural to feel frustrated and doubt yourself. Look at your list of goals again try breaking them down in a way you can work towards it with ease and not get overly frustrated when things don’t go right at first. Take a break and do whatever (exercise, walking or maybe a vacation) would elevate the stress and help you calm down.


There are more ways and suggestions to make yourself motivated.

At the end of the day, it’s important to realize the moments when one feels low doesn’t always last and once it passes and realize life is full highs and low your motivation can come bouncing back.