Why Journal Keeping Is Relaxing

Nowadays, people are usually too busy to keep a journal or take some time out of their busy schedule to write down about the day. There are also journal writing apps available so why use pen and paper? But the truth is writing using pen and paper is more calming and therapeutic then an app.

Many people don’t realize it and see journal keeping as something people did when technology was not advanced and had nothing better to do. And as there are more distractions in our everyday lives such as the internet and constant messaging available at our fingertips we can use when we want to relax, the truth is writing down your thought will be more relaxing.

Still not sure? Let’s take a look at how journaling can help.


Helps with mental health and stress

Therapists and counselors usually ask their patients to keep a journal. It may be to write a list daily of what they are grateful for or write down the events of their day and contemplate or whatever might be helpful for that patient. Either way, writing has helped in clearing your mind and just think about your whole day. While you gather your thoughts you solely focus on what you are writing and think, even if you are thinking of something stressful, writing helps you relax.


Sorts out the clutter in your mind

Do you feel your thoughts are like trains or traffic running around in no particular order and just crashing into each other driving you crazy?

Try writing down exactly what’s bothering or running around in your mind. While you are writing down you will see your thoughts are running more smoothly and you can actually see your ideas in front of you in a simple order in the paper and things will seem much simpler.

This way you clear the clutter your mind becomes sometimes and you can actually see your plans more clearly and think better.


A written record you could refer to

At times you can look back to the events in your lives and be surprised to see certain event you have completely forgotten about but played an important role in your life but seemed small at the moment. You can see back to how things have changed and feel great at seeing certain accomplishments and feel positive about your abilities.


Keep Track of your accomplishments

Seeing back to your old entries really can be mind opening. Catching mistakes you made or just seeing some special moment which might lift your spirits.


Write down our Goals and Priorities

Writing down your goals and what you want to achieve is a great way to keep them in your mind. In doing so you can see a list of things you want to accomplish and research also shows there is a higher chance of achieving them.


It might be hard to get started at the beginning if you are not used to keeping journal. You may find your mind going blank when you sit down with a pen and paper.

You can start by writing a list of things you want to accomplish in a few years or something you enjoyed doing or still do. Once you get into the habit of writing you will find yourself wanting to write down and it won’t be hard to think about what to write.

Also, you can start by doing whatever makes you comfortable and you find it easy, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a journal solely for writing, it can be for drawing or scrapbooking. In fact, you can even write on apps if you prefer that. But do remember to write down your thoughts to start seeing the amazing benefits.