How to Chat Up Women Successfully

This article is for all the men out there who are busy trying to figure out how to approach a woman without coming across as desperate or perverted. It is a problem that every man faces at least once in his life. It’s doubly hard for the poor man of today considering how we seem to live in a society where the iconic wolf-whistle has become a criminal offence. Our publisher at Day Herald decided to take the time out to interview Olivia who is one of many cheap London escorts working at Chicky Escorts, this girl has been on over 100 dates and counting in her lifetime, so if anyone knows anything about how a date should go then it is this woman. Below is what cheap London escort Olivia had to say about the situation:
  • Do not approach her drunk. It is true that alcohol can provide that burst of confidence so crucially needed when the moment arises, but unless you, she and everyone else is completely off their face then it isn’t the wisest move to make. If you’re in a bar and you spot an attractive woman, don’t stumble up to her drunk – the smell alone is enough to drive her away, and unless you are one of these rare types who has a particular gift for hiding the booze intake, she will spot you from a mile off and run a mile further. A little tipsy is fine, but if you want to make a good impression, be you – not your drunken split personality.
  • Don’t stalk her down the street: It should be obvious really, but a there are many men who have a tendency to do this. It is usually followed by an attempt at conversation and some form of interest in what she does, where she’s going, who she’s seeing – the truth is that 95% of women do not like being accosted down the street. Bravo if you are confident enough to do so, but more often than not a woman will make her excuses, however politely, and leave. There are rare occasions where this method works, but try it for yourself – nine times out of ten, you’ll fail. Or you may have already done it and realised it wasn’t working – now you know why.
  • Smile at her. From across the room, on the bus, in the library, at the supermarket. Women like a smile. What they don’t like is someone staring at them with a salivating grin on his face. But a nice, warm smile is a sign that you are a nice, warm person and many women are receptive to this. It relaxes them and also provides you with a nice, relaxed atmosphere to make your move (strike up friendly conversation – ensure it is not too heavy-going and please – do not come out with the dreadful, “So are you going to see your boyfriend later?”
  • Increase your chances of finding a match: If you enjoy pubs and not cafes, then what are you doing in a café looking for a woman? If you’re an atheist, why are you going to church in the hope of finding someone? I’m not saying that opposites can’t attract; but I am saying that if you stick to your own likes/dislikes and frequent these haunts, your chances of finding someone will increase because at least you’ll have a few basic necessities in common. If you feel out of place, you may come across as out of place and woman may find this concerning. So next time you feel like popping into the local club with its blaring hip-hip despite the fact it’s jazz you love, hit the jazz bar instead – you never know what like-minded soul you’ll find!