5 Great DIY Christmas Place Settings

Is it your turn to have the family round for Christmas dinner this year? If so, you’ll have enough on your mind on the day without working out who sits where. So, we’ve come up with a selection of great DIY place setting tags you can make up in advance – like, today! They’re fun to do too – and should keep the kids busy for ages…

They’ll also impress your guests. Some of the place settings your guests can take home with them as a memento or as a new tree ornament too. It’s a win-win folks!

So, here’s our favourite selection of DIY place tags. All are easy to make once you’ve got the supplies to hand:

Ornament place cards

Just fill the inside of a clear ornament bulb with a piece of fir tree clipped from your garden or woodland, add a feather or berry or two as well if you like, then place the name card inside. Tie it all up nicely with a colourful ribbon. Voila! See how to do it in detail at The Spruce.

Neon pine cone place holder

This neon-dipped fir cone looks great against a white table cloth and cutlery. It’s also incredibly modern so should appeal to any teenagers at the table. All you need along with a pine cone, is acrylic paint, a paint brush and a paper plate. Each takes just a minute or two to do. Simples! See how to do it step-by-step fashion at the blog Camille Styles

Rosemary wreath place cards

How pretty – and simple – are these lovely little place card holders? Not only do they look good, but they should smell good too! All you’ll need is some rosemary sprigs (get them from the supermarket if you can’t find some outdoors), some floral twine and, of course, a napkin. We love the rustic feel of these, in particular. See how to get it done property at the blog Spoonforkbacon

Candy cane place holder


This table decoration is so simple and self-explanatory that it doesn’t really need any explanation as to how to put it together (which is just as well because the blog we found it in called Villahov is in Danish!).  So, three candy canes, a piece of lovely red ribbon – and you’re done!

Christmas tree place card

TWO DIY Christmas Place Cards | www.gimmesomeoven.com/style #christmas #tablesetting #holidaytablesetting #placecard

This smart place card holder requires some mini trees and bells, but the finished product is well worth your time going out and sourcing them (or ordering via the internet if it’s too cold to go outdoors!). As well as being practical by telling everyone where to sit, these place markers are also a great way to give a gift such as a book token, online voucher etc by simply placing in in the envelope. This fab idea was ‘borrowed’ from Gimme Some Oven

Mini cranberry wreath


Similar in a way to the rosemary wreath, these mini cranberry place holders are just as easy to make and definitely add a bit of Christmas colour to your dinner table. These are great tree ornaments for afterwards as well. Find out how to make them at the fun DIY blog – SayYes

So, what are you waiting for folks? Get crafting…