Three Top Dating Tips for Men

Dating is a difficult and daunting experience for many; on numerous occasions, a date that could have otherwise gone very well can be hampered by nerves and uncertainty. The best way to ensuring your first dates go smoothly was to ask escorts themselves for some tips and tricks as these girls have been on countless dates in their lifetime. Day Herald would like to thank the escorts from who gave up some time to make this possible. We surveyed 30 ladies from their website and here are three top dating tips to save you from bumbling and stumbling your way through the evening. 1) Be Confident. It is easier said than done, but this truly is the key to having a successful date. Think about it. You’ve already won her attentions by getting her to agree to a date in the first place, so what do you have to be nervous about? You might not have the looks of a debonair Hollywood actor or the money of Bill Gates, but believe it or not, most woman care very little for both of these things. A sympathetic ear, kind heart and warm protectiveness is something most women prize a great deal and you should bear this in mind when on your date – even if you do have the looks and money as an added bonus. Don’t focus on your insecurities or hang-ups. Tell yourself you are confident and she will believe it too. 2) Don’t Talk About Your Ex. This is the one thing guaranteed to put women off on a date. A mention here and there for conversation’s sake is fine, but when you start bringing up your ex every five minutes, talking – whether woefully or enthusiastically – about the times you shared together or the certain attributes she possesses, you can most likely look forward to the evening being cut short and never hearing from her ever again. Women do not want to hear about past girlfriends. If you are a potential suitor for them, they don’t want to even entertain the thought that they may be going through comparisons with your ex; the point of the date is to look to the future with somebody new, not to the past with someone it didn’t work out with. If you find yourself still hung up on your ex, it’s probably a sign that you are not yet ready for dating and instead may wish to focus on healing yourself until you are in a better, more happy position to be with someone again. 3) Switch Off Your Phone. Another enormous turn-off is someone who plays with their phone the entire time, and this goes for both sexes. If your phone is constantly beeping or you have to look at it every five minutes to see who’s messaging you, this sends a clear message to your date that your attentions are divided and she is not a priority. This is something that very few women would be happy with, for not only is it a telltale sign of the way things may progress between you, but it is also rude and discourteous. So switch off your phone, put it away and ensure she has your undivided attention. It will make her feel valued and happy. So there you have three top dating tips to help your date run smoothly. Be confident, courteous and cool, and there is no doubt your lady interest will be impressed!