Homeland Season 5: Carrie’s New Life to Collide with Her Past, Producers Hint at Possible Storylines!

This operation is a risky one and viewers are hoping that he survives it so that he and Carrie can work on their relationship in Homeland Season 5. Saul also on his part has exciting things awaiting him.

Saul and Dar Adal had to work with allies that weren’t very trustworthy, for the sake of peace and this episode will carry on in the upcoming season. Saul is also hoping to get the position of the CIA director and viewers are going to have to wait and watch if he finally gets to have it.

There was a lot of speculation about the setting for Homeland Season 5, but the producers of the series confirmed that the upcoming season is going to be based in Berlin and will focus on Russia and the Europe unlike the Middle East, where it had predominately focused on for all the previous seasons.

Showrunner Alex Gansa has confirmed that Homeland Season 5 is going to deal with situations related to ISIS, Charlie Hebdo incident as well as Snowden and the NSA leak. There is going to be a lot of action related to the current occurrences in the world and this has piqued the interest of the viewers.

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