Homeland Season 5: Carrie’s New Life to Collide with Her Past, Producers Hint at Possible Storylines!

The premiere of Homeland Season 5 is around the corner and there is a lot of buzz about the upcoming season. The official synopsis of the fifth season is out and according to Showbiz it states that Carrie Mathison is going to have to deal with a new world.

Carrie Mathison is out of the CIA and she is currently located in Berlin for the upcoming season of Homeland. Carrie will work for the security company of a billionaire and will try her best to start all over again, but she is soon going to find out that there is a target on her back and people are out to get her.

She might be out of the CIA and out of danger as she presumes it to be, leading an ordinary life, but with Quinn and Saul not there to have her back, Carrie hasn’t been in greater danger before.

Christian Today has reported that Homeland Season 5 is going to have a two year jump since the last season. It will open with Carrie leading a normal life as a mother of a young kid. She starts working at a private security firm, but an incident of breached data brings her old life crashing back.

The official trailer for Homeland Season 5 has been released and it shows how Carrie played by Claire Danes is struggling to move away from the CIA and start a normal life. The trailer also shows her spending time with her daughter with late partner, Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis).

The new trailer also gives the viewers a glimpse of what’s happening in the life of the other members in Carrie’s team. It shows that Quinn (Rupert Friend) has gone back to his ways of being an assassin. He tells Saul (Mandy Patinkin) that he is going to kill the person whose name appears in a box.

The trailer gets exciting when Carrie is shown accompanying her new boss Otto Düring (Sebastian Koch) to a war zone and is recognised as a CIA agent. At the exact same time Saul gets a text message saying that there has been a data breach in Berlin.

Carrie is also shown to be kidnapped by three men and saying that she always knew that her past would catch up to her. There is another trailer for Homeland Season 5 that shows Saul saying that he was convinced that he could change the world and then it cuts to show Quinn holding his gun at an unknown woman and saying that most of the time they don’t know who are fighting.

Carrie is set to lose a lot in Homeland Season 5. The trailer teases the viewers with a voice-over that’s asks Carrie what would she sacrifice. Carrie is heard saying that she has to leave behind a little kid and Quinn replies that not everyone in the world is fit to be a parent. The trailer finally ends with Carrie telling her little daughter that she loves her a lot and that she is the best thing that has happened to her.

By the looks of it, the little girl is going to be Carrie’s weak point this season.

Homeland Season 4 ended with a lot of unanswered questions and viewers are hoping that these will be addressed in the upcoming season. The last few episodes of Season 4 showed Carrie and Quinn developing a romantic relationship. However, Quinn is recruited by the Spec Ops and sent to bring down high profile individuals from inside Syria.