Hassan Rouhani has the Support of Conservatives against Economic Sanctions

As per Mohammad Nabi Habibi, Secretary General of the Motalefeh Party, there should be no ambiguity or tussles between the ruling and opposition parties in the forthcoming decisions and policies and they should provide support unanimously to the new government.

Mohammad Nabi Habibi went on to say while speaking at a press conference that the Islamic Republic of Iran is in dire need of unity among its citizens and different parties should come together to deal with the prevailing economic crisis. He said that the only way to achieve this is by mutual co-operation and support among the different political parties in Iran.

He said that the government in power cannot deal with the problem alone and it requires the opposition or conservative parties to get together with the new government so that they can deal with the economic crisis proactively. Several reports show that Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran, is exploring every step to tackle the economic crisis and he is trying his best to have the powerful countries of the world to help Iran to overcome the crisis.

Iran is suffering majorly as reports worldwide indicate that they are developing and testing nuclear weapons and arms. However, Tehran has refuted the charges and has given a statement that they are not conducting or developing nuclear arms. Mohammad Nabi Habibi also spoke against Syria and said that the Government of Israel is providing the chemical weapons to various rebels who are fighting against Bahsar al-Assad.

Habibi spoke during a press conference that Syria is supporting the unrest and hence, requested the Western powers to stop helping Israel, as the condition is only worsening due to this and the terrorists are actively carrying out chemical attacks at an unprecedented pace.

He also said that on similar lines, the Government of Israel and its networks are fuelling the unrest in Lebanon in the form of attacks. He advised the Lebanese Mujahids and other rebels to have a look at the condition of Iran and learn from it, so that terrorism comes to an end in Lebanon.