Iran to Develop Relations with UNDP with Increased Partnerships: Ourangi

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always attracted attention from international communities, due to its shady nuclear policies. But despite the controversies, the Islamic Republic would have a healthy relationship with United Nations even though there are many economic sanctions prevailing on Iran. However, the European Union and United Nations have always been keen to know more about the nuclear programs and activities that are being carried out by Iran.

Even though there is a confusion about the activities of Iran in nuclear aspects, it still enjoys sanctions from the United Nations for other active projects such as the projects being undertaken at a local level for the preservation of forests and maintaining the natural ecology.

Ourangi, the Head of Forests in Iran’s Range & Watershed Organization, confirmed the report that the partnership that exists with the United Nations would continue to be the same. He said that the present sanctions present for Iran are being ratified by the Security Council.

However, when certain projects came into the picture, there were several complications involved. Due to the cooperation that existed between the United Nations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they were able to keep the problems at bay and continue with the existing partnerships. Ourangi also went on to say that as per the international sanctions, they have worked together with the United Nations and have successfully been able to finish all the projects intended for the preservation of local forests.

The previous partnerships that existed between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) were completed successfully, and Ourangi said that they are chalking out the new projects that are to be undertaken, and all the new projects in the lineup will be taken up in Khorasan Razavi in the days to come.

The UNDP has been in constant partnership with the Islamic Republic of Iran to facilitate development so that they are able to overcome poverty; improve the energy and environment scenarios, general health conditions, developmental activities, empowerment of women; and take steps to improve the economic and disaster recovery and management facilities across Iran.