Sanctions not Stopping Iranians from Importing Maserati

There is no stopping Iranians from importing the premium Maserati, even though the high-end Italian car manufacturer has planned to exit the country soon. It is shocking to know that the imports have not stopped even though there is a sanction from international communities.

As per the recent statistics revealed by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration, during the current fiscal year as per the Persian year that started on March 21st, 87 Maserati automobiles have already been imported in to Iran in accordance with all the legal procedures. The total worth of the Maserati vehicles is pegged at a whopping $11.2 million.

There are three variants of Maserati that are in great demand in the Iranian automobile industry. They are the GranCabrio, Gran Turismo and Quattroporte models. The imported cars are shipped mainly from UAE, Italy, and Germany.

A high number of celebrities and people with high net worth prefer to go for either the Porsche or Maserati. Several celebrities and football players have stuck to these two car manufacturers for a long time. Even though the currency of Iran, the Rial, has depreciated greatly over the past few months, it does not stop people from importing these cars and paying a very high price. The cars are purchased at staggering amounts, but the craze people have for this car justifies it.

For a brief period, to curb the outflow of currency, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance banned people from importing the Maserati, but the Government did a turnaround and allowed the imports again. During the previous year, there were only 10 Maserati vehicles imported into Iran. Out of them, five were purchased from UAE, whereas the other five were brand new ones imported directly from Italy.

The luxury car manufacturer Maserati has now planned on expanding their customer base in Italy and are in the process of locking in on one official seller and distributor for the entire Islamic Republic of Iran. However, the European Union is not quite happy with the decision of Maserati to go forward with their expansion in Iran.