Hart of Dixie Cancelled By CW Networks, Rachel Decides To Stay Tight Lipped!

With Bilson getting pregnant and taking her maternity leave, looks like the timing was just not right for Hart of Dixie. Her decision to give time to her family cannot be questioned. According to the president of CW network Mark Pedowitz, the sole reason for closing the show down was due to rating issues and nothing else.

There certainly seems to be a confusion. With the cast saying rating was never an issue and President Mark Pedowitz mentioning it to be the sole reason, there remains a gap in the two versions.

Pedowitz congratulated the showrunner for the work and said that they will see the ratings of Hart of Dixie. He says that if the show ends it was a great finale otherwise it’s a great season finale.

With confusing statements all around it certainly seems to be difficult for the fans to know what happening for sure in the near future. With Rachel not coming out with a statement with regards to the show getting cancelled, the fans really don’t know what to expect for.

We hope things fall in place and fans get what they want from Hart of Dixie. Fans are desperately urging CW to continue with the show in a new angle with the other characters Time will tell what CW decides.