Rihanna Visiting Cuba, Tries The Local Delicacies And Was Spotted Dancing At A Restaurant!

Looks like Rihanna was a little too excited to try out some of the Cuba cuisine. She reached the island from United States of American on a private jet and before she hit the hotel she was there at a paladar. Well that is what you call restaurants in Cuba. She visited the La Fontana to taste Cuba dishes. This visit of her was not reported and the owner of the place was caught by surprise.

Ernesto Blanco the owner was successful in getting a picture clicked with the star and which eventually went viral over the internet. It was uploaded on Thursday and since then it has been the talking point on the social media.

As of now this is the only picture that has been made public from Rihanna’s Cuba trip. There have been local media houses who have reported her presence in the place.

As reported by the owner of the restaurant she was there at the place for close to 2 hours and was accompanied by three companions who looked to be her friends or relatives. She came in with a huge army of security team.

The owner further reported that the singer asked for two plates and showed a lot of interest towards Cuban style of cooking. It seemed like she really liked the dishes. She ordered pork ribs, black beans and sausages.

There was no difficulty in recognizing the famous singer. Sources say that she was recognized at the restaurant where there were quite a good number of Americans. The owner of La Fontana went ahead to say that their staff made sure about the fact that she was not bothered by anyone at the place and could enjoy the Cuban food at peace by herself.

This is not all that Rihanna has been doing at Cuba. Reports from the owner of the place suggest that the singer loved Cuban music that was being played by the band present at the place. The singer did put on her dancing shoes to dance to the tunes of Son which was then played by the band at La Fontana.