Half-Life 3 Rumored to be Official Next Year, Reports Indicate the Possibility of VR, And More

This particular website looked quite similar to Valve’s and a lot of Half-Life fanatics believed it. Fans were quite delighted with the ‘Maybe Next Year’ message.

However, right now it seems like fans will have to wait for a few more years. Yes, we know you hate seeing this but that’s how it is! Valve is quite busy with several projects and one of them includes the Vive VR headset, being developed in cooperation with HTC.

It is highly possible that Half-Life 3 will take a long time to reach gaming shores but it will surely be worth the wait, especially considering the aforementioned VR possibility.

Furthermore, Valve just revealed the Source 2 Engine. If Half-Life 3 releases sometime in the future, it will most probably be launched on a Source 3 Engine. There are chances that the Source 2 successor might not release before 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates on Half-Life 3!