Half-Life 3 Rumored to be Official Next Year, Reports Indicate the Possibility of VR, And More

Half-Life 3 has now become a topic of discussion that will never leave the internet. You’ll become a grandpa, languishing in your old rocking chair, but there will still be ‘rumors and speculations’ about Half-Life 3! Even though the last game in this franchise, Half-Life 2: Episode Two was released around eight years ago, players are wholeheartedly waiting for Half-Life 3 while totally disregarding the scarcity of official information.

When talking about the possible features of the game, a Gizmodo report suggested that the game will be making use of the Source 2 Engine. It will add a whole level of features to the game and also enhance its multiplayer capabilities.

Earlier, people expected that the game would be announced at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. People are now expecting the game to be released or announced some time next year. A newly released report from Kotaku suggested that Valve Corporation might decide to take the game to ‘Virtual Reality’ levels after it was showcased at the Game Developers Conference which took place recently.

One of the Valve Programmers called Jeep Barnett spoke to the website and declared that they wanted to use some existing artwork and see how it all fits. So yeah, we’ll grab some headcrabs, we’ll grab the machine guns from Half-Life, the rocket launcher-all those different fun things-and see how they play in VR…”

However, he revealed that presently there are simply exploring the variety of game designs they wish to do. When the developers were asked as to whether Half-Life 3 can show up in Virtual Reality, they replied ‘’we’re not saying no’’. Valve is presently looking at a lot of possibilities using the game elements generated from the Half-Life series.

In the meantime, valve.software reported that had a logo of Half-Life 3 which was seen during the E3 expo. Seeing that logo, a lot of fans believed that the game will be announced. However, this website which is attached to the original Valve website revealed that it can be expected next year, with a message that still reads, ‘Maybe Next Year’.

Right now, Half-Life fans are hopeful that the series will get another installment even if it didn’t show up at E3. The hope was strengthened a bit more when a website claimed that it was finally coming, and it ended up being reported by Master Herald.