GTA 6: Release Date Might Be Pushed Back to 2019 To Make It Compatible with 4K Resolution Supported Consoles, And More!

The latest bunch of rumors revolving around GTA 6 suggest that the game might not see a release date before 2019. The reason behind this as reported by a renowned website is that Rockstar wants to make GTA 6 compatible with 4K resolution supported consoles.

Previously it was being assumed that Rockstar will roll out the game by 2017-2018. However, if indeed the game comes with the support for 4K resolution, it is highly unlikely that the developers will be able to ready the game for a release before 2019.

Various rumors surrounding the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft- the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two suggest that these might come with 4K resolution support. It is being assumed that Rockstar might decide to abstain from releasing the game before the consoles hit the market.

The reason behind this could be accounted to the fact that once the consoles are released by Sony and Microsoft, Rockstar will be able to get an idea about their technical specifications and build GTA 6 accordingly. This would enable them to incorporate the 4K resolution support into it.

Some other reports suggest that the developers might be trying to make the game fully Virtual Reality (VR) compatible and this is what is causing the delay in its release. With the constant advancement in technology in the world of gaming, a VR release for GTA 6 is definitely on the cards.

Moreover, the game can be played in third person which makes it easier for the developers to make it VR compatible. However, it should be noted that there has been no confirmation from Rockstar in this regard.

Another possible reason behind the delay could be accounted to the fact that the lead developer of the Grand Theft Auto series, Leslie Benzies recently left Rockstar. Benzies has been a long-term member of the company and his resignation came after he remained away from work for a period of 17 months.

Just after GTA 5 was released, Benzies went on an extended vacation and ultimately decided against returning to the company. His absence from the company could also be the reason behind lesser amounts of DLCs releasing for GTA 5 since it was released.

Benzies has been a major contributor to the GTA franchise ever since the first game was released. His absence is likely to cause some trouble in the development process of GTA 6.

Apparently, Rockstar is in a sticky situation at the moment. On one hand pressure is mounting up on it to release GTA 6 and on the other, it also has the task of developing and releasing new DLCs for GTA 5. Failure to do so will make the game repetitive which is definitely not a good thing.

Various other rumors suggest that GTA 6 might come with a female lead character. Dan Houser, the co-founder of Rockstar had previously stated that the developers would definitely introduce a female lead character into the GTA franchise if and when they find a suitable storyline for it. So it is not hard to guess that the inclusion of a female lead character in GTA franchise is something that might actually happen in the future.

It was previously reported that if Rockstar decides to include a female protagonist in GTA 6, it will be played by renowned Hollywood actress Eva Mendes. Her real life partner, Ryan Gosling, who is another popular star of Hollywood is expected to play the role of the main character in the upcoming game.

Another rumor that is floating around the internet regarding the game suggests that it might come with a bigger map. Fans have in the past complained that the environment and locations of GTA games tend to become somewhat boring after playing the game for a significant amount of time. Thus, a bigger map is definitely on the cards with GTA 6.