Austin Mahone: Was On a Break with Becky G, Is Mahone Dating Katya Henry? Announces European Tour, And More!

Becky G might have believed that they are on a break, but not Austin Mahone. The singer has clearly moved on with model and fitness trainer Katya Henry. The couple are vacationing in Disney World and their social media profiles are full of photos to prove how much fun they are having.

Austin Mahone might be having a lot of fun and is surely enjoying the company of the beautiful brunette, but his fans aren’t happy with the way his personal life is shaping up. It was initially thought that Becky G and Austin Mahone have gone their separate ways and are done for, but now Becky G has come out to reveal that the two were too much into each other to break up and were merely on a break on to focus on their respective careers.

The fans of both Austin Mahone and Becky G have lashed out at Katya Henry. They are blaming her for coming in between Austin Mahone and Becky G. This has caused Austin Mahone to come out in the public to defend the poor girl.

While Austin Mahone hasn’t made any public announcement that he is dating Katya Henry, he has shared photos of the two watching a film in a movie theatre that he had rented for the whole night. The picture is adorable and it is a clear indication that the two are definitely seeing each other.

They were also spotted while making the video of Put It On Me. This immediately reminds the fans about the time when Austin Mahone and Becky G were working on a music video and had fallen in love with each other.

The two went their separate ways, but continued to remain friends, which had made the fans hopeful for a reunion of the two. The reunion was in the cards, but then Austin Mahone went ahead and got himself a girlfriend.

Becky G was recently featured on the cover of Latina and she spoke about her relationship with Austin Mahone. Becky G made it very clear that both of them had been very happy in the relationship and it hurts seeing Austin Mahone moving on with another girl.

Becky G has said that it is her responsibility to set the story straight after she broke up with Austin Mahone. She said that Austin Mahone was caring and loving. He used to inspire her and they were perfect for each other, except the timing was wrong. Each of them had dreams and aspirations that they wanted to fulfill and they couldn’t give up on those simply because they were dating someone.

Becky G said that Austin Mahone and she decided to break up before things could get nasty between them. She said that they wanted to focus on the important thing in their careers before settling down with someone and didn’t want to compromise on it.

The two had initially had thought of breaking up, but then they were too much in love to do that and hence decided to be on a break.

Fans believe that it was the long distance relationship that made things difficult for the two of them. While Austin Mahone was in Miami, Becky G would be in L.A. They did give the whole long distance thing a shot, but then decided that it was better if they ended things.