Austin Mahone: Was On a Break with Becky G, Is Mahone Dating Katya Henry? Announces European Tour, And More!

Mahone had once opened up about amazing Becky G is and that it was great to finally have someone who liked the same things that he did. This made them things easier for them since they could understand each other’s issues and problems and share them with each other.

Austin Mahone has clearly broken Becky G’s heart, but she is putting on a brave face and has come out to state that one has to let go sometimes. It might be difficult to see that he has found happiness in another girl, but that’s a bitter pill that she has to take in.

Keeping all his personal affairs aside, Austin Mahone has released some exciting plans for the future. The What About Love singer has announced that he will be heading for tour coming spring.

The news was officially announced by Austin Mahone himself. He tweeted the news on his profile and informed his fans that he will be starting his new tour on April and he will be heading to ten different locations in Europe.

The tickets for the show will go on sale from Friday at sharp 10am. The tour will start off at Stockholm, will then head to Sweden and finally be wrapped up in Madrid. This news has come as a great news for the fans of the singer in Europe who will get a chance to watch the singer perform in their own city.

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