Better Call Saul: Gilligan Talks About More Spin-Offs, Drop in TRP, Mike and Jimmy’s Friendship, More Details!

Better Call Saul the spin-off from the highly acclaimed Breaking Bad is back with its second season. Creator Vince Gilligan said that he is regularly asked why he had chosen Saul’s character to make a standalone series and hadn’t taken a character like Jesse Pinkman, who was such an important aspect of the original series.

Gilligan said that he doesn’t know why he chose Saul particular since he can clearly imagine a separate series with Jesse Pinkman and even Gustavo Fring. He, however, said that while the characters are more than capable of carrying of their independent show on their shoulders, he fears that by taking these characters he would be treading too closely to the original series and that might be like forcing the viewers through the same experience twice and it wouldn’t be a worthwhile effort since the viewers would already know what to expect.

He said that when he takes the story of Saul Goodman, he creates stories that he loves to share and which naturally come to him. Gilligan added that it is not like he never thinks of more spin-offs, but he knows that he has a project at hand and it is his responsibility to make sure that it seen till the very end and that it lives up to the reputation that it has already taken.

Taking too many projects up will become a problem for him and it will prevent them from focusing on one project and giving their best to it. Gilligan and his team want to maintain the integrity of the series from the start to the finish and he isn’t ready to compromise on it by putting more projects in his hand than what he can handle.

Better Call Saul shows Saul Goodman becoming what we know him to be. It was more like a prequel to Breaking Bad. However, while talking to Guardian, Vince Gilligan revealed that since the series will map Saul Goodman, there is a chance that the prequel might also become the sequel since the time frame will be when Saul Goodman is at his best.

He teased the audience saying that there is always the question of how long it will take to make Saul Goodman and how long Saul Goodman will be allowed to do what he does until the showrunners decide that it is time to wrap the show up since the audience have seen enough.

Better Call Saul had seen a massive drop in TRP. It was initially thought that the Grammy Awards during the same time had taken away a chunk of the viewers from the series. While it didn’t seem likely that the music lovers were all fans of Vince Gilligan’s Better Call Saul with Bob Odenkirk in the lead.

However, some viewers decided to wait it out to see if the premiere episode was hit by the music awards or if it was indeed indicative of the drop in the viewership of the show.

The second episode of Better Call Saul revealed that it wasn’t the Grammy Awards that was responsible for the drop in the TRP. It was actually the lowest the show had ever received and it was highly disappointing.

AMC is not genuinely worried about the sudden unprecedented drop in the TRP since these days a large section of the audience head to Netflix or watch the series on their DVR machines. It is just sad that the drop in TRP will affect the advertisers since they will not have enough viewers for the commercials that they are expected to sit through in between the series.