GTA 5 Online: Rockstar Editor to be added to the Upcoming DLC Along With New Features like Lowrider Cars and Mega Romps, More Details

Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC had a feature that was not present on the current generation consoles. This is known as the Rockstar Editor and it allows people to record, edit and share videos which are created through in-game footage.

However, with the next update for GTA Online, the new Rockstar Editor feature will be added to consoles like Xbox One and PS4. This piece of information was announced by Rockstar while stating the winner of its Ill Gotten Gains Rockstar Edit Contest.

In the blog post, it was further mentioned that the next Rockstar Editor contest will be accepting entries from all three platforms since by then, the Rockstar Editor will have already been released with the upcoming update for GTA 5 and GTA Online.

The Rockstar Editor also comes with tools that allow you to add different filters and all sorts of effects to your videos. The popular Director Mode is also featured in the Rockstar Editor though which players can stage sequences as they like, by utilizing characters, props and locations from GTA 5. The blog post did not reveal the exact release date of the Rockstar Editor update but Xbox One and PS4 owners can finally look forward to it.

The films that you can record with the Rockstar Editor could be epic funny and stupid fail compilations or it could be something as elaborative as a completely scripted and fulfilling cinematic experience.

Rockstar is encouraging GTA 5 players to use the Rockstar Editor and push its limits since regular Rockstar Editor Competitions are held and the winnings are equivalent to mega cool prizes.

According to reports that were released by Rockstar Newswire, this new feature will simply be a new part of a quite big update and there are loads of other things that we can expect in the upcoming GTA 5 DLC.

Something that has close relation to Rockstar Editor is the presence of new stunt race creator content. With the help of a stunt race creator, gamers will be able to create custom challenges and races. This will specifically open up new areas and locations like Los Santos International Airport and the Fort Zancundo military base for various stunt races and games.

Rockstar is pretty excited and they can’t wait to see what the creator community decides to make these areas which were previously off-limits. The GTA Online Feedback Inbox has received a lot of major feedbacks from the Creator Community about the features that they would love to see.

One of the aspects that they are working on, for a future update is allowing the creators to stack props in a proper, clean manner. With this highly-requested feature being added, the game will support super-power mega ramps, parkour courses, loops and Rockstar declared that we should stay tuned for these features!

Furthermore, we all remember the GTA 5 2X payout and 2X RP weekends that were featured last month. Rockstar was extremely generous and encouraged GTA 5 players to replay the missions from GTA Heists. This 2X Money and 2X RP helped players to stack a lot of money and level to a great degree as well.

This is probably being done in order to prepare us for something pretty big that is coming next. Ill Gotten Gains Part 3 won’t be the next DLC for GTA 5 but gamers can expect a big amount of weapons, cars and clothes along with the next update.

According to GTA forums, there are game codes which suggest that the upcoming update will include 12 new cars with a range of malaise-era cars and American muscle cars which include the Virgo, Clean Voodoo, Sabre GT, Chino, Buccaneer, Tornado, and Slamvan.