GTA 5 Online: Latest Rumors and Updates About Lowriders 2 DLC, Might Be Released in The Upcoming Month!

The possibility of a future Story DLC was hinted at by Shawn Fonteno who plays the character of Franklin in the game. An image recently uploaded to his Instagram showed the actor in a motion capture suit sitting inside a car.

This has led fans into assuming that the developers are creating a story based DLC for the game which might be released at some point in the future. While the image itself cannot be taken as a confirmation for a story update for GTA 5 Online, it is clear that Fonteno is providing his services to the developers for something related to the game.

The last DLC that was released for GTA 5 Online was Executives and Other Criminals. The update provided players with the opportunity to form their very own crime rings and run these organizations as per their choice.

It allowed players to become VIPs and hire other players to do certain in-game jobs for their crime rings. Players were able to go up against crime organizations headed by other players within the game using the Freemode missions.

Apart from these aspects, a host of brand new weapons, vehicles and properties were also added to the game through the DLC.

Stay tuned for more update on GTA 5 Online.