GTA 5 Online: Latest Rumors and Updates About Lowriders 2 DLC, Might Be Released in The Upcoming Month!

GTA 5 online has been one of the most popular online games of recent times and with Rockstar rolling out multiple DLCs for the game, it does not look like the popularity of the game will cease anytime soon.

The Lowriders DLC for the game was released sometime back and it brought in several new vehicles to the game. Various rumors have already started building up regarding the next iteration of this particular update which is being called Lowriders Part 2.

Several details regarding the upcoming DLC were recently revealed by renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW who is also known as Ross.  The YouTuber is of the opinion that the Lowriders 2 DLC is set to hit the market on 9th February.

Funmw2 who is a renowned GTA tipster recently stated in his twitter account that the current Time Trials will come to an end in February. He also hinted towards a Lowriders 2 release by saying that more Time Trials might be added to the game with the upcoming expansion pack.

Fans have started speculating whether the developers would decide to roll out the Lowriders 2 DLC along with the Valentine’s update. The reason behind these speculations could be accounted to the fact that Rockstar released Lowriders 1 DLC along with the Halloween update last year. Another DLC which was the Executives and Other Criminals was rolled out by Rockstar alongside Festive Surprise 2015.

This has led fans into assuming that the developers might release the second iteration of the Lowriders DLC for the game with the Valentine’s update in the coming month. Ross pointed out that 22 time trails have been released for the game by Rockstar as of yet and only 3 more are left to be released.

The last time trial that will be released for the game will come to an expiry on February 8 and thus there might be a possibility that Lowriders 2 DLC is rolled out on the following day that is February 9, along with some fresh time trials.

Various rumors are suggesting that the list of new vehicles that the Lowriders 2 DLC will bring with itself might include- Slam Van 3, Virgo 2, Virgo 3, Faction 3, Minivan 2, Sabre GT 2 and Tornado 5.

In other news, another future update might incorporate gambling minigames like poker and blackjack into GTA 5 Online. The initial rumors regarding a Casino update for the game began as far back as March 2015. However, no such update has been officially announced by the developers, but that is not stopping fans from engaging into various speculations regarding this rumored DLC.

Just in the recent past, GTA tipster Funmw2 announced on an official GTA forum that the Casino update will be made available in both Single Player and Multiplayer DLCs. Some of the games that he mentioned would come with the update include Blackjack, Poker and Slot machine.

Apparently, various details regarding this particular update was revealed by Funmw 2 on YouTube. The DLC is being described as a massive one by 1.13 code of GTA Online. Not only will the DLC come out for the Online version of the game, it will also be released for the Single Player version of GTA 5 as well.

If the rumors regarding this update are to believed, the in-game gambling might have close resemblance to actual real-life gambling. The cash lost by players in the in-game casino will not be retrievable by them at a later point.

Though there has been no confirmation regarding this update, the posts of Funmw2 regarding it were listed under the head of The Next DLC Discussion which could mean that the Casino update might actually be rolled out by the developers in the future.