GTA 5 Online Heists Finally Available: Issues Fixed in Maintenance Periods, And More News!

YouTube user Shady Gamers recently showcased how players can take advantage of a Solo Money Glitch after they have finished downloading Heists DLC 1.23. Using this trick, a player gets to pimp their ride with simple adjustments and then re-sell it with a huge sum of cash in your account! Gamers keep in mind that this glitch will work unless a newer patch is released.

When you are ready to play it, keep in mind that you will need 3 players to join and accompany you in your heist. Since each Heists includes quite a few missions, it is recommended that you get ready to spend some major time on it.

On top of that, a player will need to flash some green in order to get things started. However, fret not as successful missions will bring in a lot of cash. Furthermore, an Adversary Mode has been added to GTA Online. It will unlock when you complete a heist. Other than that, daily objectives are scattered all throughout GTA Online along with a new group of activities in Free mode. The update has been released for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 as well as the PS4.

Stay tuned for more updates on GTA 5 Online!