Upcoming GTA 5 DLC Will Introduce Agent 14, Ill Gotten Gains DLC Is Now Available, And More

You just got a new car, how do you celebrate that? Well, get a lavish new place to live of course! Furthermore, new clothing options will make their way to Suburban as well.

You can also acquire a gold-plated personal jet or a gold-plated personal helicopter for a whopping $10,000,000! Meanwhile, Rockstar is also hosting events that offer double RP and double Cash Prizes along with chances to get a limited edition in-game t-shirt.

Players can avail 25% discount on high-end apartments and garages. There will be Double RP races on land, air and sea with six new vehicles. DLC will feature high-frequency crate drops with exclusive t-shirts and GTA$10k, only available for this weekend.

Stay tuned for more updates on GTA V DLC!