Upcoming GTA 5 DLC Will Introduce Agent 14, Ill Gotten Gains DLC Is Now Available, And More

According to notorious GTA Online and GTA V leaker funmw2, we could be experiencing another familiar face in the rumored single player DLC that will come to GTA. If you have experienced the Heist missions in GTA Online, then you are aware of Agent 14.

In case you don’t know who he is, it seems like you are likely to encounter him in the upcoming DLC. This piece of news was derived from a post on gtaforums.com, made by funmw2.

The reason for this particular claim comes from a line of code that was discovered by the leaker. In the “standard_global_reg” script, the coding, sub_644f3(76, 0x998ca979, 150, “CELL_165”, “CELL_MP_329”, “CELL_400”, 74, 4, “NO_ANSMG”, 7, 16, 0, 0, 0, “CELL_MN_11”, 4); was found. The “standard_global_reg” script handles the SP contacts and stats.

To the everyday gamer, this may look like a bunch of gibberish, so gratefully an explanation was also provided. The hash 0x998ca979 which is located in the above string, points to a model that is called “ig_agent14. It is different from the one that has been added at Heists, which can be found as “ig_mp_agent14.

Based on this, funmw2 confirms that we will definitely get to see Agent 14 in the upcoming DLC. For the people who haven’t heard yet, it was earlier revealed that there will be an Agent DLC and a Zombie DLC. Right now, we know that Michael will be the primary protagonist of Zombies and Trevor will grab the reigns for the Agents pack.

Rumors indicate that in the Agent DLC, Trevor could find himself going undercover with the FIB or the IAA. Trevor being the absolute rebel he is, we can safely predict that he would only do such a thing if this meant demolishing the Lost Gang or maybe the Chinese.

After all is said and done, we might ultimately notice Trevor Philips industries coming out ahead. In the meantime, this lines up perfectly with what GTA V expert Yan22 was saying earlier.

The latest free DLC update “Ill-Gotten Gains” from Rockstar is now becoming available worldwide. This update is being considered a way to help you spend all the money that you accumulated playing online heists and other activities.

There is no sense in letting your virtual money languish in a virtual bank. Instead, leading a life of virtual luxury is far more justified and not to mention tantalizing.

With this DLC, four high-end vehicles will be introduced into the game, the Benefactor Stirling GT, Pegassi Csiris, Enus Windsor and the Albany Virgo.