Grimm Season 5: Nick Seeks Revenge, Adalind Determined to Be a Good Mother!

Grimm Season 5 is going to take off from where it ended in Season 4. As fans would remember, the season finale of Grimm Season 4 ended with Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) killing Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) in order to save Nick’s (David Giuntoli) life. The season ended with the parting shot of Nick holding on to Juliette as she took her last breath.

Latin Post has reported that Grimm Season 5 will see Nick frantically searching for Trubel. A group of armed men had taken away Juliette’s body along with Trubel and Nick’s mother’s head. Nick is desperately trying to find the notorious men so that he can find answers. Nick couldn’t even bid a proper goodbye to Juliette when the men took away Trubel and Juliette.

NBC has released a trailer for the upcoming season, where Nick is talking to his partner Hank (Russell Hornsby) about the incident surrounding the masked men. The detective feels that FBI Agent Chavez (Elizabeth Rodriguez) might have something to do with this incident.

Grimm Season 5 is going to open with Nick in a situation he has never been before. He saw his ex-girlfriend Juliette dying, his mother beheaded and his friend Trubel is missing. Not only this, Nick is also fathering a child with Adalind (Claire Coffee). Nick is going to have to find answers and unearth a lot of information before he can straighten out his life.

Season 5 of Grimm will see Nick out for revenge against the masked men and Fashion N Style has reported that this might make Nick come face to face with the other Grim. Nick will also have to tell Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) about Juliette’s death. The two will also start baby proofing Nick’s house to prepare it for the baby.

Rosalee and Monroe are also hopeful that with the little boy on its way, Nick will not be focused on Juliette’s death and it will actually do him good. Juliette was killed by Trubel in Nick’s house and with the change in the house with the baby proofing and the baby, Nick will be able to get over that aspect.

However, David Greenwalt, the executive producer of Grimm Season 5 has informed the fans that even though Rosalee and Monroe will do a good work in changing how the house looks, the baby’s things like the crib and the toys will not be enough for Nick to get over the fact that Juliette is no more.

Fans of Grimm were prepared that Juliette will be written off from the show, but they weren’t prepared for the sudden change that was brought about in her character and then the death in the hands of Trubel. With Nick settling down with hexenbiest Adalind and having a baby with her, there are no possibilities of Juliette returning to Grimm.

David Guintoli himself has said that even though the toy and the baby proofed house isn’t sufficient enough for him to get over Juliette’s death, the baby boy will give him a new lease of life. It will be the baby who will help him to get up every morning and continue on with his life. He now has a new purpose in his life and that will be his son.

Nick doesn’t like the mother of his son, Adalind. However, there are reports that Adalind is determined to become a good mother to her son and this might indicate that she will move into Nick’s home along with the baby.