Grimm Season 4: Juliet Becomes a Hexenbiest, Wesens Are Back In Town, And More

What works for Grimm Season 4 is its ability to go down roads that are least expected. Grimm takes paths that haven’t been explored by any other show and the fact that it has the courage to do so works for the audience.

The last episode called Hibernaculum did exactly that and created a shocking ripple among the fans.

How many shows can you talk about that takes a normal girlfriend and makes her a blood-sucking monster? None! Grimm Season 4 did exactly that! Fans got to see Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) gradual transformation from a caring veterinarian to a deadly monster that is capable of harming everyone in her vicinity.

Juliet is becoming a Hexenbiest to seek revenge against Adalind, played by Claire Coffee. This transformation of Juliet will impact Nick (David Giuntoli) in a very bad way. She is a monster and the love of his life. It becomes a matter of duty v/s the heart when it comes to Nick.

It is natural to feel sorry for Juliet on one hand, who already didn’t have enough time to become a veterinarian as is her passion and is now a Hexenbiest. This transformation makes one sad and excited at the same time; sad for what is happening to Juliet and excited about how her transformation will affect the plot line.

Apart from the Juliet transformation, the episode also has other exciting things happening. There are three brothers from North Dakota, who are driving around Portland and are freezing people to death. This no Disney movie and the brothers are no ice princes. They are Wessens as you have guessed!

The Gunderson brothers are Varme Tyv Wesen. They are so cold blooded that they freeze without warmth. This was the reason their cars were breaking down frequently. The plot is yet to reveal why the brothers have left North Dakota to come to Portland. They seem to have come down to meet with their other Gunderson relatives, which hibernate in the Rose City hibernaculum.

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  1. Grimm is great so glad Juliette is a beast ,her character really didn’t do anything. Now we can see how far she can go. Also Nick and Tribal can work together again.May be some romance there.

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