Grimm Season 4: Juliet Becomes a Hexenbiest, Wesens Are Back In Town, And More

While Nick and Hank (Russell Honsby) investigate the multiple deaths caused by the Gunderson brothers, where they freeze their victims, Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) has other problems to deal with. He is bleeding from parts of his body and is having strange visions that are being difficult to explain.

To add to all this drama, we have the interaction between Juliet, and Renard. The two get intimate after Juliet claims that they will finish “what they started”. Renard kisses Juliet and this might not be a good thing as he adds. We all know that Hexenbiests have strong seductive powers, and this is just a glimpse of it.

Juliet wasn’t a born Hexenbiest, which makes matters more difficult for her. She has powers that she is finding very difficult to control. When Nick tells that they will find a way to transform her back, she laughs on his face, knowing how immature a thought that is. Juliet knows that her actions are not fully under her control, like when she tries to kill Adalind.

Grimm Season 4 has captivated the audience with Juliet’s transformation. Her helplessness and her sudden change to the scary monster is enough to make sure that the audience keeps coming back for more.

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  1. Grimm is great so glad Juliette is a beast ,her character really didn’t do anything. Now we can see how far she can go. Also Nick and Tribal can work together again.May be some romance there.

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