Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: McDreamy’s Demise Comes as a Shocker, Cristina Yang Returns, Bailey Eyeing the Title of the Chief of Surgery, And More

She explained that in this season the audience will get to see her self-confidence oozing, which is a very important step for her – just as important as getting on board! She believes that being the Chief of Surgery is the pinnacle of her career and she will stop at no lengths.

On the other hand, Drew, who plays the role of April in this medical drama, revealed that she will never leave the show if she gets to grow in the upcoming seasons. In an interview with Digital Spy UK, Drew said that if she gets to go forward this way, she will stay on-board.

The entire cast of Grey’s Anatomy has been working tirelessly for the past 12 months and with the season finally set to go live on-air, things are beginning to look up for the fans. Rumors from the sets have begun leaking along with the possible release of a teaser. We will get back to you shortly on this.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 premieres on 24th September, 2015 at 8pm on ABC. The pilot episode title “Sledgehammer” has everyone on the hooks! ABC or the producers are yet to come up with additional details about the show.

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