Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: McDreamy’s Demise Comes as a Shocker, Cristina Yang Returns, Bailey Eyeing the Title of the Chief of Surgery, And More

In an interview, Paul Lee, the president of the ABC Entertainment Group said that there has been no difference in the plot of Grey’s Anatomy due to Derek’s death. The storyline still has a strong pulse. Lee has also revealed to the fans of the much-loved show that the plot will advance, regardless of the disastrous death of surgeon Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey.

He further revealed that the pitch for this medical drama has been reinvented for Season 12, and went on to admire Shonda Rhimes as a remarkable show runner. Lee has casted away everyone’s fears with the promise to keep the show on-air for many years to come. People were beginning to question the life-span of the successful series since the 11th season came to an end.

While discussing the future of Grey’s Anatomy during the summer press tour, the network president also laid a hand on the past while conversing about Derek’s demise. Derek‘s death shook up the storyline of Season 11 along with the heart of every fan. Lee remarked that it was wonderful to see the fans relate to Grey’s Anatomy at this scale.

Lee added that it was a very intricate decision to kill off Meredith’s, portrayed by Ellen Pompeo, soul-mate. Derek died in a car crash towards the end of the 11th season – the one which left him with severe injuries, which he finally succumbed to. Meredith was then forced to take Derek off of life support in one of the most gut-wrenching scenes that has been shown on the series.

Rhimes said that Derek and Meredith’s love had to remain special and it was painful for him as a storyteller since he never thought what could have been a possibility.

Another reason for removing Derek’s character abruptly could have been the influence of darkness, which was beginning to overshadow his relationship with Meredith. Derek had just walked out on his wife and kids, which highlighted his faltering relationship with Meredith.

The only way to portray Derek-Meredith’s love in an immortal way was to kill one of the characters, and it was better Derek than Meredith! This was the logic behind sacrificing Derek abruptly.

Rhimes also disclosed during the #TGIT that Dempsey’s decision to exit the show after 11 years was mutual. Taking this decision was neither easy nor fun since they are a family. Pompeo revealed that losing her onscreen soul-mate was difficult to enact, but she cherished the prospect it gave her character!

However, like Ellis, played by Kate Burton, said, the carousel will never stop turning and in season 12, Meredith will be seen teaming-up with Cristina, played by Sandra Oh, in a thrilling new journey. Cristina Yang left the series in its 10th Season.

Shonda Rhimes said that Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 will be very much lighter in nature and will show Pompeo in an unpredictable situation – in the shoes of a widowed mother! Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 will also star Chandra Wilson and Sarah Drew, who spoke about their respective characters.

In an interview with Zap2lt, Wilson spoke about her character, Bailey, and how she will do anything to become the new chief of surgery at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. In the previous seasons, Bailey has emerged as one of the smartest and most significant doctors in the hospital. In fact she was the one who helped train Meredith and Cristina Yang!

On the other hand, Bailey has problems in her personal life. Failed marriage and raising a son alone are parts of same puzzle. These events caused her to lay low a while in terms of her career.