Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: April and Jackson Might Separate, Martin Henderson to Join the Series, And More Details

She is sure that something big is coming their way and it is only a matter of time. However, we know for a fact that the trouble isn’t going to be Alex’s ex-wife since Katherine Heigl has herself denied the rumors and said that she isn’t going to go back to be a part of Grey’s Anatomy Season 12.

Luddington said in an interview that the way things are going between Jo and Alex, if Alex proposes to Jo right now, she will readily say a yes.  This makes fans excited since there is a chance of an engagement in the upcoming season. The two have always worked out their problems to come back stronger and it is about time that they settle down.

On the other side, Jessica Capshaw has revealed that her character is likely to patch things up with Callie (Sara Ramirez). However, she was vague about whether they get back as a couple or do they get back as friends.

In other news, April (Sarah Drew) and Avery (Jesse Williams) may be separating. The death of their new born son has shaken the two of them badly and this incident has made April very strong. She had decided to join the army and Avery had made his opinion on that pretty clear. It is for time to tell what’s in store for them.

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