Gran Turismo 7 Will Further Raise Its Game in The Face of Strong Competition, Could Be Overshadowed by the Upcoming Gran Turismo Sport!

There are further reports that the next Gran Turismo game will come with range of assists for Sunday drivers which include everything from Stability Assists or ABS and racing lines in order to make the game driving more accessible. Like most racing games, Gran Turismo 7 will be enhanced by using a wheel without any assist.

Gamers will have an opportunity to play Gran Turismo Sport instead of Gran Turismo 7. Critics are describing this as a prologue to seventh installment of the car video racing game franchise. Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment revealed that Gran Turismo Sport is a full-feature installment of the franchise and according to Alphr; it is not a prologue or prelude to Gran Turismo 7.

Meanwhile, Kazunori Yamauchi, the series director is known for being late in releasing the previous games of the franchise. Sony has further remained confident that Gran Turismo 7 will come out in its own timeline.

According to Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Yamauchi will deliver on his promise as Gran Turismo 7 has been under development for a while, ever since the release of Gran Turismo 6. Ryan further said that when Gran Turismo 7 becomes more of an online connected experience, the difference with Gran Turismo Sport will blur.

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