Gran Turismo 7 Release Date Delayed, Gamers Should Expect To See the Best, And More

In June 2014, Yamauchi told Eurogamer that they haven’t thought about throwing away the older cars. Since each car has its fan following, the developers will hang on to the archive. At the same time, some of the cars can be transformed into premium cars when they become available. Meanwhile, the makers are focused on increasing the number of premium cars. As reported earlier, gamers are waiting to experience the GPS Track Maker offering that has been included in the Beta testing process since 2014.

Jacques Berger, Federation Internationale de l’Automobile Head of Safety reported that he was exceedingly impressed with the track maker’s accuracy. According to his reports on The PlayStation Blog, the tracks have been accurately mapped out along with the surrounding landscapes like buildings, run-off areas and grandstands.

Earlier, MasterHerald reported that Gran Turismo 7 will breathe some new life into this old franchise, by introducing changes that were sought for a long time. A major change in the report indicates a massive performance boost to this game. The game will also offer stunning graphics so as to ensure a smooth playing experience for modern gamers. Gran Turismo 7 will be a solid title without any gameplay issues or glitches since the developers are totally focused on the PlayStation 4 hardware. From all this hype, rumors, speculations and reports, it’s expected that Gran Turismo 7 will live up to its expectations.

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