Apple iPod Touch 6G: iOS 9 Expected to Release Next Year, And More

Apple launched its very first iPod Touch way back in 2007 and since then every new model has been an instant hit with the customers. As with all its products, Apple has been earning quite a lot of revenues from this pocket-sized music player, and there is a lot of anticipation about the sixth generation of the iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch, is not a just a small music player that fits into the palm of your hands, it also came with features like Wi-Fi and had some games in it. The iPod Touch 5, wich released in 2012 had a whopping 64GB internal memory to store a large number of personal files like songs, films, videos and photos.

The fifth generation of the iPod Touch was different from the fourth generation, in its 4-inch screen that had an IPS display, similar to the iPhone. There was a LED flash added to the back camera. The A5 chip as well the voice command Siri was added to it.

With the fifth generation making such a large leap from the fourth generation, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the sixth gen of iPod Touch. Ever since Apple has announced that the iPod Touch 6G is going to be released this year, Apple enthusiasts are waiting in anticipation.

While the Apple enthusiasts are excited about the release of iPod Touch 6G, the critics are of the opinion that the iPhones do the same functions that the iPod Touch does and there is no need for a newer and better version of it.

Apple has not made any new announcements regarding the iPod Touch 6G, which has got a few Apple fans worried. However, industry experts say that Apple is waiting for the launch of the new iPhone in fall before it releases iPod Touch 6G. 6G will have specs similar to the iPhone 6S and hence it will not do well in the market.

Apple always tries to let the iPod circulate in the market for a year or two before coming out with a version older than the latest iPhone, it’s going to sit stale in the market and Apple will not earn much revenue from it.

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