GoPro Hero 5: Release Date Delayed, Device Features an 8K Resolution Camera, Waterproof Ability, And More Details

The GoPro Hero+ records up to 1080p quality. The internal battery is pretty good enough for two hours of recording time with the highest video quality setting at 1080p.

However, Wi-Fi should be disabled and camera should be running continuously. The battery is charged through a microSD port and there’s a microSD slot for memory as well.

If you are looking for more resolution, we suggest that you spend some more for a GoPro Hero 4 or a Sony X1000V. They are both priced around the $500 mark. The Hero+ manages to capture crisp footage with an ultra-wide perspective.

All you need is a couple of mounts in order to get started. It is compatible with a lot of mounting accessories from third-party manufacturers as well.  If you want to record longer for more than 2 hours, all you need to do is swap the battery.

If you don’t wish to spend more than 200 dollars, this is your go-to device. GoPro Hero 5 is coming with a lot of new stuff to play with. The company can be pretty confident about the fact that once it releases, enthusiasts from all over the world will literally jump on it.

Stay tuned for more information and updates on GoPro Hero 5!