GTA 6: Release Date Rumors, New Female Lead? Fake Trailer Released, And More Details

After the huge success of its predecessor GTA 5, GTA 6 from the Rockstar Games stable is one of the most anticipated games of recent times. GTA 5 was able to garner positive reactions from fans.

It became immensely popular among gamers and this has resulted in an increase in the eagerness and excitement among fans regarding its sequel.

A GTA game normally takes around 5 years for its development, but it is being rumored that Rockstar Games may break that tradition with GTA 6 and release the game early.

Other reports are stating that the game is far from being near to seeing a release date due to the enormous expansions that the developers are incorporating into the game.

It is being believed that the development process of the game would take quite some time due to the massive expansion that the developers are bringing to the game.

Rumors are abuzz that the game might be released in 2019. However, there have been no official announcements regarding its release date from the developers.

Rockstar Games, however, stated that the long wait for the game would definitely be worth it as GTA 6 will come with brand new challenges along with a massive open world map for players to explore and move about.

The developers of the game are reportedly making plans to incorporate the whole of US into the game. The complete US map will be inculcated into the game as the gameplay map which will include big and renowned cities like Los Angeles and Miami, the report stated.

In an interview during the release of GTA 5, the head writer of Rockstar Games, Dan Houston was asked whether the GTA franchise has the possibility of heading towards London or any other international city.

Houser answered this question by saying that the very essence of GTA is America. The lifestyle, humor and culture portrayed in the GTA games are all geared towards the American dream along with the reality of living in the beautiful country.

From his words it could be assumed that the developers are really putting their minds into the idea of inculcating the entire US into GTA 6.

It was also reported in a renowned website that GTA 6 will come with a unique map. It stated in the report that all the GTA maps will be put together and combined to form a single consistent world map.

Rumors going around are stating that San Andreas is being positioned in the southwest area. San Francisco will be replaced by San Fiero. The San Andreas territory will be the location for Las Venturas.

GTA games have come a long way from the time when it made its first appearance. The first GTA game came into the market as a pretty simple game in which players were tasked with completing certain quests and missions given to them by crime lords with the help of cars and weapons.

The current GTA games come with a realistic third-person gaming atmosphere along with a whole bunch of different types of missions, quests and other intriguing tasks for the players.

The head of Rockstar Games, Leslie Benzies shed some light on the development process of GTA 6 when he stated that the development team will be working first on the creation of the gameplay map for the game and then move on to other aspects of it like the storyline, missions, and quests.

Other rumors regarding the game are stating that the developers are set to include a female protagonist in the game.

Dan Houser had previously stated that the inclusion of a female lead in the game is an idea that they have already considered and with the right game and the right storyline, this idea could definitely convertĀ into reality.

He said that they are yet to find the right game to incorporate a female lead but as soon as they find the right theme and story, the whole thing could be converted into something really beautiful.