GTA 6: Release Date Rumors, New Female Lead? Fake Trailer Released, And More Details

Speculations regarding the female lead are already on the high, and it is being assumed that famous Hollywood actress Eva Mendes will be given the role of the female protagonist in the game.

Apart from this, certain reports are also stating that another famous Hollywood actor, Ryan Gosling will also be cast in the upcoming GTA game in a lead role.

Just in the recent past a trailer was released which claimed that it was the first trailer for the upcoming GTA 6. However, certain aspects about the trailer looked suspicious to fans and its credibility was questioned. The trailer came with certain inconsistencies which ultimately led fans to realize that it was not authentic.

The trailer claimed that the game would be released in 2017 which could have been believable for some over-enthusiastic fans.

However, the game’s developing company’s name was shown with an incorrect spelling in the trailer which ultimately gave away that it is fake. “Rockstar” was spelled as “Rocstar” in the video which convinced fans that the trailer was ingenuine and unbelievable.

Readers can check out the fake trailer’s explanation here.

Stay tuned for more update on GTA 6.