GoPro Hero 5 Expected To Save The Company And Win Over Investors, Targeted At The Athletic Community!

Expected to be launched around October, the GoPro Hero 5 and the GoPro Karma are believed to be the winning ticket that will help the company come out of its financial downfall. The release of the product has been delayed quite a lot, and if GoPro Inc. isn’t able to provide the camera at the promised time, they are going to face the wrath of the customers.

GoPro lets the users take some exciting photos of the action, and now there is a new device that will serve as an accessory for GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero 4. The Crocodile as the average is called, can be used to take some stunning photos where part of the photo is over water and part of it is under water.

This is possible even in a normal DLSR that has waterproof lens, but the process becomes difficult since the water is choppy. The Crocodile is a Kickstarter campaign and was developed over the course of a few months. It uses a plastic bubble that serves as a secondary lens to the GoPro Hero mounted on it, and this plastic helps capture the scenery better.

For those wanting to take stunning photos during their beach holiday can buy the Crocodile accessory for their GoPro Hero for a price of $180.

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