Empire Season 3 Is Looking For Teenage Boys And Girls, Will Rhonda Die In Season 3? Let’s See

A casting company in Chicago is searching for teenage boys who can beatbox along with teens who should be fit to play young roles of Terence Howard and Taraji P. Henson.  They will be needed in the upcoming season of Empire. Various casting calls were posted by Simon Casting on their Facebook page. The filming for these required roles will begin by 7th July.

The season 3 pre-production will begin this week in the Cinespace Chicago Film Studios on the West Side. The series is about a hip-hop mogul along with his family. Guest stars who are frequently featured in this series are Ludacris, Alicia Keys, Chris Rock and Rosie O’Donnell. The second season of Empire was filmed in Chicago from 2015 June through March. Season 3 will start on 21st September at 8 PM.

When Empire Season 3 premieres on Fox, you can expect to see a lot more of Lucious and Cookie. The teenager roles to be chosen will be featured in the form of flashbacks.

According to this new information, this series will be spending a lot of time, getting into Lucious and Cookie’s background in the upcoming season. The origin stories of these characters will be told, and viewers will finally witness how the couple eventually fall in love and welcome their three sons after getting married.

In Season 2, we saw Lucious’ childhood, but not many details about Cookie’s childhood and family life were revealed. We already know that she has two sisters, but her parents are still shrouded in mystery. Teenage Cookie has been described to be a Catholic schoolgirl who is innocent but beautiful at the same time. On the other hand, the young Lucious will possess an excellent voice and his own way of doing things.

Sanna Hamri, executive producer of Empire, revealed what Anika will go through in Season 3 while talking in an interview with TV Guide. According to Hamri, Anika still has a lot of feelings for Lucious, even after sharing their relationship and knowing that it ended badly.

Her pregnancy was an important issue and driving factor behind bringing herself together. It encouraged her to move forward and get what she thinks she really deserves.  Hamri explained that like everyone else, Anika was trying to preserve herself. Anika is in trouble and parts of her character are pretty tragic in nature.

She has to travel great lengths to properly preserve herself. The Executive producer further talked about who would survive in the intense battle between Rhonda and Anika. Ilene Chaiken, the producer, teased that one will survive in this fight.

Meanwhile, Hamri dropped a bomb suggesting that Anika lives and Rhonda are dead. Andre, portrayed by Trai Byers will witness a death, and that will affect him deeply. Meanwhile, Andre doesn’t have a deep link with Anika. Therefore, Rhonda should be the one to disappear. We know nothing for sure till Empire Season 3 arrives.

In the meantime, fans are asking a lot of serious questions regarding Empire Season 3. It will return on 21st September and details about it were shared on social media.  There are details which need to be explored in the upcoming season.

In the Empire Season 3 cliffhanger, Anika or Rhonda should die depending upon who got thrown off the balcony. When Season 2 came to a close, the two women were seen fighting, and Andre shouted ‘No’ while someone fell off the balcony screaming. According to many, it was Rhonda who fell. Hakeem will become a father in Season 3 if Anika survives since she is already pregnant.