GoPro Hero 5 Could Simultaneously Release with the Karma Drone, to Feature Improved Connectivity Options!

Previous release date rumors suggested that GoPro Hero 5 is ready for market consumption. According to earlier reports, the latest action-cam from GoPro would found its way on shelves by October 2015 and then it was the holidays. Sadly, both came and went but nothing happened.

Right now, the speculations suggest that GoPro Hero 5 is ready for release and the company is waiting for the final version of their other upcoming product, the Karma Drone. Observers have suggested that fans can expect two GoPro devices to be released by the latter part of this year and the Hero 5 will reportedly surface in October.

Bidness Etc suggests that Hero 5’s release date will take place sometime during the latter half of 2016, preferably October. According to the industry follower, this is the timeframe for the Karma drone to make its way to the market and it will be simultaneously launched with the GoPro Hero 5.

All of it makes for a rather awesome strategy for the company. It has been speculated that developing the features of the Karma drone may have resulted in the overall delay of the GoPro Hero 5.

October 2016 could be the time frame for the Karma Drone to be launched in the market, almost simultaneously with GoPro Hero 5. Launching it with the Hero 5 will definitely showcase an impressive strategy by the company.

GoPro has revealed that the upcoming Karma Drone is compatible with both the past and future GoPro action cameras. This also means that if the Drone is launched before the new Hero 5, owners of older GoPro action cameras might decide to check out the Drone first and then decide if they wish to upgrade their action cameras.

This will further affect the Hero 5’s projected sales figures. Meanwhile, there are also rumors which suggest that even though Hero 5 will release with many improved features, the price difference with Hero 4 may not be a lot. In fact, some rumors suggest that the Hero 5 could be priced lower than the Hero 4.

In other news, GoPro is yet to make an official announcement regarding the release date of GoPro Hero 5 but the company recently held a 2015 earnings conference call which provided hints regarding the specs and price of the upcoming Hero 5.

Nicholas Woodman, the GoPro CEO revealed the company’s plans to streamline the lineup. The company put a halt on its sale of Hero LCD cameras by April and instead, they will focus on selling Hero 4 Session, both Black and Silver variants.

The highly anticipated Karma Drone from GoPro is expected to release during the first half of 2016 and this would be followed by the release of Hero 5 camera by the latter half of 2016. Woodman said, “Later this year, we will introduce the most connected and convenient GoPro we have ever made, Hero 5.”

Woodman further revealed that the Hero 5 along with other future products will arrive with more connectivity options. It will be easy for users to connect the GoPro action cameras to their smartphones.

At the same time, it will be easier to save photos on the cloud. Besides improved connectivity features, GoPro hasn’t revealed any new features of the upcoming camera. Additional details will be revealed when the device is close to its launch date.

Jack Lazar, the GoPro CEO said, “I think as we get closer to the release of those products, we will be happy to give more color on it. But at this point, we are really focused on the strategy for the next couple of quarters, and then, of course, delivering the products that we’re going to have out later in the year.”