Becky G: Felt Sad About Austin Mahone Moving On, Said They Were On a Break, Set to Make a Guest Appearance in Empire!

Becky G and Austin Mahone had broken up last year, but now it appears like they weren’t actually done and were merely on a break to focus on their career. The Break a Sweat singer and Mahone had been very cordial with each other ever since their break up, but it looks like things are changing now that Mahone is with a new girl, Katya Henry.

Austin Mahone had been very open about the relationship and is also posting photos with Katya Henry. On Valentine’s Day he confessed his love for her by sharing a photo where he was being hugged by his new girl and Katya Henry even went on to share a post with Mahone and called him her Valentine. They have shared photos of their recent trip to Disneyland as well.

Becky G on the other hand had been feeling a little blue lately and had shared a few posts on Valentine’s Day that some point on were directed at Austin Mahone. Becky G posted on her Twitter and called someone a liar and a serial lover. These seem to be directed at Austin Mahone who is dating a new girl while he was on a break with Beck G.

While some felt that the post was for Austin Mahone, others believe that it was simply a reference to the lyrics of Jhene Aiko’s new song.

Austin Mahone and Becky G’s fans also seemed to be on Becky G’s side and they have already made nasty comments about Katya Henry on the social media, which had caused Austin Mahone to rush over and defend her.

Becky G is surely having a tough time seeing Austin Mahone go all out and public with the new girl. Youth Health Magazine reported that while she might find it difficult to accept that he has moved on so easily with another girl, there is a part of her which knows that she has to find peace in the fact that he is happy and let it go, no matter how hard that is.

Becky G spoke to Latina and revealed the reason for her and Austin Mahone’s break up. Becky G said that she was shocked to find out that Austin Mahone was in a relationship with Katya Henry because the two of them were only on a break.

Becky G and Austin Mahone had decided to call it quits in August last year, but they were too much in love and hence thought that they would give their relationship another chance and hence had paused it for some time.

Becky G informed in her interview with Latina that they had known from the start that they will have to always focus on their career, but they were both from the same industry and background and because they had clicked so well, they had felt that things would work out.

She did agree that things were amazing when they started dating and she got to live the teenage dream of dating a pop star. The two had always decided on being open about their relationship, unlike the other stars who want to remain very hush hush about things happening in their personal life.

With career becoming very demanding, Becky G and Austin Mahone decided to call it quits after being together for only a few months. They did not want to drag things for it to become nasty and hence decided to end things early.

They both knew that they had to focus on their respective careers and hence pressed the pause button on their relationship so that they could get back to it when the time was right.