Becky G: Felt Sad About Austin Mahone Moving On, Said They Were On a Break, Set to Make a Guest Appearance in Empire!

However, even though Becky G was ready to wait, Austin Mahone clearly wasn’t and has been very vocal about the new girl in his life. According to Inquisitr, Becky G was badly hurt since she had been so vocal about how happy she was with Austin Mahone. She had always emphasized on the fact that she hoped that their timing was right.

Becky G has openly informed that she loved Austin Mahone and she had a lot of dreams and aspirations from when they started dating and it isn’t very easy just letting them all go.

In spite of being hurt by his action, Becky G has repeatedly said that she can never be angry with him, to which Austin Mahone had tweeted back saying that she shouldn’t be sad that it is over, but rather should be happy that it happened.

Becky G is focusing on her career to get out of the breakup blues. She is reportedly set to make a guest appearance in the highly popular television series Empire, which is going to back in a month with the midseason premiere of Season 2.

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