Google’s 2016 Trends

Google recently released its top trends of 2016. These indicate what people searched for throughout the year.

The top global search was of Pokémon Go, the game that over the summer caused the world to go actively searching for Pokémon characters with their phones. The second top global search was of the iPhone 7, the newest addition to Apple.

The top searched person worldwide was Donald Trump, who won America’s 2016 presidential election.

The top global news search was of the U.S. presidential election, where Republican Donald Trump beat Democrat Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States. The other top global news searches were of the 2016 Rio Olympics and Britain’s decision back in June to break away from the EU in a move known as “Brexit”.

Check out the other top trends here:

Google has also collected the top searches per month. You can divide this list into many specific categories, such as country and peak week.

Here are some of the “breakout searches” from each month this year.

January: O.J. Simpson, Flint, Raccoons, Baptism

February: Bernie Sanders, Girl Scout Cookies, Gravitational Wave

March: Zaha Hadid, Brussels, Selfie, Holi

April: Melissa McCarthy, Panama, Dreadlocks, Hanuman

May: Chris Evans, Muhammad Ali, Bouldering, Halley’s Comet

June: Boris Johnson, Oaxaca, Mosquito, Ramadan

July: Mother Teresa, Baghdad, Wimbledon, Black Lives Matter

August: Simone Biles, Rio de Janeiro, Pete’s Dragon, Cupping Therapy

September: Elon Musk, Charlotte, Full Moon, Inequality

October: Bob Dylan, Palm Springs, Virtual Reality, Urdu Poetry

November: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Fidel Castro, Millennials

December: Not Yet Released

You can read the other top breakout searches per month here: