Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios, the Best Smash Bros Player in the World Is Currently Feeling Burnt Out, Rumors Indicate Addition of Shovel Knight to the Roster, And More

In the meantime, the latest rumors surrounding Super Smash Bros 4 suggest that Shovel Knight will be soon featured as a downloadable DLC character. According to the present rumors, Mewtwo and Lucas in Super Smash Bros will be joined by Shovel Knight and a further rumor announcement suggests that the Knight will be featured as an amiibo, scheduled to arrive in November.

The rumor could have been introduced by Nintendo Life and from the looks of it; multiple sources might have revealed to the news outlet that Shovel Knight will be included in the Super Smash Bros. roster. At the same time, Yacht Club Games, who is the developer of Shovel Knight, did not reveal anything regarding these rumors.

iDigitalTimes suggests that Velasco was really excited about Nintendo approaching the team about turning Shovel Knight into an amiibo. According to the iDigitalTimes report, Velasco stated that Nintendo gave them a rundown of everything but Velasco’s team was never confident about doing a third-party amiibo.

In the meantime, Shovel Knight isn’t the only one rumored to be included in the Super Smash Bros 4 roster. Current rumors have mentioned King K. Rool and Professor Layton as well.

The rumor regarding the Professor started when a promotional campaign for Professor Layton was started by a fan regarding his addition in the new Super Smash Bros 4 roster.

In the meantime, Shantae has remained a fan favorite ever since the game released in Game Boy Advance in 2002 and it was re-launched with a console version through the Nintendo 3DS back in 2013. Shantae’s runner-up Shovel Knight, managed to earn 105 votes.