God of WAR 4 Release for PlayStation 4, Kratos Still Remains the God of War, Gameplay Trailer and the Story of Kratos!

Barlog says that in the previous games we find Kratos as a violent and angry, unidimensional character, who is solely focused on revenge. So, Barlog is trying to change the perception of viewers regarding Kratos by showing the different facets of his character. For example, in this game we shall see Kratos trying to move on from his past.

Barlog also stated that, Kratos having lost much of his humanity, it will be a real struggle for him throughout the game’s journey, to get it back. This additional background story shall be very entertaining for Game of War fans, to see how it pans out.

To help us better understand the protagonist’s personality, Cory also said that Kratos is a guy who can go up against an Atlas unflinchingly, whereas the very ideas of giving his son a hug, scares the hell out of him as he can’t relate to his son.

As far as the release of the game is concerned, Cory Barlog has said that the trailer was just the first glimpse and that it is being still developed, so it is safe to say that the game won’t see its release anytime soon. Stay tuned for more news regarding this.