Girls Season 5: Series Renewed for The Last Season, The Girls Are Mature, But Not Wiser, Trailer Released!

Dunham was 23 years old when she started working on the pilot and will be 30 when the production for Season 6 is about to start.

The end of the Girls will also allow the cast members to pursue other projects. Actors do not like binding themselves to a single project and with the Season 6 marking the end of Girls, the actors can happily pursue other projects.

In fact, two of the cast members even got their big breaks. Adam Driver recently played the part of Kyle Ren Star Wars: Episode VII while Allison Williams had one of the lead roles in the NBC musical, Peter Pan.

While Girls is ruled by the four girls, there is some charm in the series that is added by the three boys. Ray is one of the more mature characters in the series since he is older and it is always fun watching him give advice to the other characters.

Elijah is another character who is unapologetically brilliant and the upcoming season will see him kiss Hannah. Adam’s career in the movies has also taken off and now it remains to be seen if he is over Hannah.

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