Devious Maids Season 4: Eva Longoria to Guest Star in One Episode, New Characters Galore, Expect an Entertaining Season!

Devious Maids Season 4 is already in production and there’s report that producer Eva Longoria is going to be a part of the season. There is no news about what role Eva Longoria will take up, but TV Line has confirmed that she will make a special appearance in the series.

There is no information about Eva Longoria’s character. It is reported that she decided to be a part of the show after the executive producer Mark Cherry asked her and she will be there for only one episode.

This won’t be Eva Longoria’s first time as a guest star in a television series. She has previously been a part of shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

She was a part of the show in Season 2 and played the role of Sophia Perez, a defense attorney, who falls in love with Andy Samberg’s Jake Parelta. Eva Longoria played the role of Sophia Perez in four episodes and left the show once her character broke up with Andy Samberg’s character.

The girls from Devious Maid Season 4 shared some photos from the set. Dana Ramirez who plays the role of Rosie, Ana Ortiz who plays Marisol, Judy Reyes who is plays the role of Zoila and Roselyn Sanchez as Carmen.

The women shared a photo where they are sitting in a row on the director’s chair with the words Devious Maids written over it. The set with palm trees can be seen in the background.

The upcoming season is going to be back on the television screen this summer and International Business Times has revealed that Sol Rodriguez is going to enter the series to play the character of Daniela.

Daniela is a Latina who wishes to be a big Hollywood star and it is believed that Daniel and Carmen will get along very well in Devious Maids Season 4 since they have the same interests. However, there is also a chance that Carmen will feel a little threatened since she will think Daniela might steal her thunder as she is young and pretty.

Even if the two don’t get along onscreen, the two gorgeous ladies surely looked adorable in the photo that they took together. Roselyn Sanchez shared a photo on her Twitter account welcoming Sol Rodriguez to the show. She added that Sol Rodriguez looks like she could be her younger sister or even daughter.

The possibility of Sol Rodriguez and Roselyn Sanchez’s characters butting their heads together might be triggered by the entry of James Denton.

Christian Post has reported that James Denton is going to play the role of a movie studio head, Peter. The character is expected to fall into a new relationship and it is likely that he will fall in love with one of the maids.

With Carmen and Daniela both wanting to make it in the movie industry, there is a chance that both of them will have a fight over the guy because he will be their ticket to a better future and a chance to fulfill their dreams.

Devious Maids Season 4 is full of newcomers. The show that has started shooting for the new season will also see Danny owe. The actor had shared his excitement about starting his journey on the show with a post on Twitter.

Ryan McPartlin from Chuck is also set to have a role in Devious Maids Season 4. Deadline has reported that Ryan McPartlin’s character Kyle will recur on the show.