Devious Maids Season 4: Eva Longoria to Guest Star in One Episode, New Characters Galore, Expect an Entertaining Season!

He is going to be the neighbor of one of the primary characters and he will catch a lot of attention. However, something will be off about him and that is going to be his closeness to his mother.

Ryan McPartlin is known for his comic timing and he is going to be seen balancing both comic moments and drama in the show. There are some instances of major drama in Devious Maids while at the same time having some rather silly incidents and Ryan McPartlin can be seen doing both with complete ease.

There was a speculation that Devious Maid might not be renewed for the fourth season, but Liz Gateley, the EVP for Lifetime, in programming said that Devious Maid is a very popular show that has continued to enjoy a great viewership.

The show has gotten a loyal audience base and given the popularity it enjoys, the writers and production team all give their best to make sure that each season is better than the previous one.

The story and the performances keep getting better and Liz Gateley added that she is very excited about the upcoming season already. It was Variety that announced the fact that Devious Maids has been renewed for the fourth season. It is going to return on June 2016.

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