Girls Season 5: Series Renewed for The Last Season, The Girls Are Mature, But Not Wiser, Trailer Released!

Season 6 of Girls has been confirmed by HBO, but it has also added that this is going to be the last season for the show. However, the fifth season is just around the corner and the fans are super excited to watch it. The promo for the fifth season of Girls is already out and it is set to be as funny as the premiere season.

The girls in Girls Season 5 have finally matured and the viewers will see Marnie (Allison Williams), Soshanna (Zosia Mamet), Jessa (Jemima Kirk) and Hannah (Lena Dunham) in very serious adult like situations.

While Hannah is in a serious relationship with Fran (Jake Lacy), she has completely gotten over Adam (Adam Driver). As Lena Dunham puts it, the girls are going to explore the paths of adulthood in Girls Season 5 and will try to handle relationships as mature couples.

The trailer for Girls Season 5 opens with the words that they are older, but not wiser. Hannah said that she has tried to get over the challenges of not having a conventional body and is ready to do a nude photo shoot. She is ready to do the photo shoot with Ray (Alex Karpovsky) and his assistant Elijah (Andrew Rannells).

The end of Season 4 of Girls saw Soshanna deciding to head to Japan to pursue her career there and while she is walking around checking out the tourist spots she asks if she had created an idea about of Japan in her mind and is trying to live with that.

Jessa speaks in a very matured manner when she tells Hannah that one day she will wake up to realize that she has wasted her whole life, to which Hannah adds that Jessa is a little too late in informing her this, since it’s already happened with her and still nothing has changed.

Jessa isn’t the only one who is giving away advice for free. Marnie, who is set to marry in Season 5 is shown telling Hannah that people will have to work very hard if they have to stay together.

There is another scene where Marnie is shown getting into bed with Hannah and Fran and fans are all wondering if things have fallen apart in her marriage.

There has been a lot of speculation that Girls will not be renewed for Season 6 sine Lena Dunham had been thinking of ending the show for a very long time now. She isn’t ready to let her series lose its interest and feels that they should wrap things up while the show still enjoys a lot of popularity.

Lena Dunham, the creator of Girls spoke to Norman Lear at the Sundance Film Festival and said that they feel that it is the right time to big goodbye because the show has been a little controversial at times and they feel that they are overstaying their welcome. The Hollywood Reported added that she has said that it was a conscious decision to end the show.

Dunham said that she is very happy with the kind of support that the show has received for the four seasons that its run and she is sure that the last two seasons will also enjoy the same. It is always better to bow out when the viewers have a good memory of the show and not push things to make it bad.

Christian Post reported that Girls dealt with a very specific phase in the life of Hannah, played by Lena Dunham herself, Shoshanna Shapiro played by Zosia Mamet, Marnie Michaels played by Allison Williams and Jessa Johansson played by Jemima Kirke.